Paraben-free deodorants, re-vitalizing shampoos collagen boosters, and micellar technology: we are overwhelmed with all sorts of information on cosmetics. Television targets us with advertising, magazines advertise the latest development and we continuously find alarming articles on products and ingredients that might cause problems and illnesses. We only know what the marketing departments choose to tell us about what we rub into our bodies, which is very little. How can we make our way through this jungle? Are we sure the box faithfully reports the contents of the new cosmetics we are purchasing? Is the information we are getting any use? Does it help us understand whether the new product is any better? Are all the certificates a guarantee of better quality? We will discover what lies behind the slogans on the make-up, cream, anti-wrinkle serum packaging, trying to shed light on them so as to fight off fraud and false promises.



Beatrice Mautino

Biotechnologist and Science Populariser

Beatrice Mautino

Beatrice Mautino is biotechnologists and a science populariser. She organises major events for Frame – Scientific Digressions (Divagazioni scientifiche ) putting researchers and audiences in touch. She also writes a column on cosmetics for the monthly Le Scienze and has authored essays such as “Sulla scena del mystero”, with Stefano Bagnasco and Andrea Ferrero (Sironi, 2010), “Contro natura” with Dario Bressanini (Rizzoli, 2015), “Il trucco c'è e si vede” (Chiarelettere, 2018). She ‘digresses’ on Youtube and Instagram.