How to avoid the decline of our civilisation? When humans delegate their most evolved functions to digital prosthesis, triggering a regression from Homo sapiens sapiens to stupidus stupidus, as the human mind progressively loses rationality end emotions. Ethics die, the gods die, replaced by money and success. The destruction and fall of the basic principles underlying social living mean that the distinctive trait of being a Homo is being stupidus in the etymological sense of the word, sharing its roots with ‘stupor’. It leaves us astonished, surprised at seeing a single person taking these features on, but utterly amazed at the idea that a whole community can. Can we change course? We have to reiterate the principles which make it possible for us to proceed with reason, the beauty of cooperation against exaggerated over individualism, piecing together feelings and rationality.



Vittorino Andreoli

Psychiatrist and Writer

Vittorino Andreoli

Vittorino Andreoli is an internationally renowned psychiatrist who directed the Psychiatry Department in Verona – Soave. He is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences and writes for the journal “Mente e Cervello” . He has developed programmes for teenagers, athe elderly and families. His books include “Ma siamo matti“ (Bur, 2015), “La gioia di vivere” (Bur, 2016), “La nuova disciplina del bendessere” (Marsilio, 2016), “Il silenzio delle pietre” (Rizzoli, 2018), “Homo stupidus stupidus” (Rizzoli, 2018).