Take scientists with a passion for cooking and put them in front of their favourite dishes. They will study ingredients and preparation methods and will try to understand the chemical and physical processes that take place inside ovens and pans. For the lay person and even perhaps also for professional chefs, cooking has something magical about it. It can conjure small miracles from a few simple ingredients although cooking, like science, is made up of numbers, tools, methods and experiments. Dario Bressanini reveals its tricks, illustrating the choice of ingredients and cooking time. He describes the chemistry of steaks and éclairs by mixing recipes and offering scientific explanations. As with all natural phenomena, knowing why things happen does not steal any of the wonder.



Dario Bressanini

Chemist and Science Populariser

Dario Bressanini

Chemist, university lecturer, writer and science populariser, Bressanini contributes to the journal "Le Scienze" and is the author of the popular blog "Scienza in cucina" (Science and the kitchen). Hid publications include: "(Ogm tra leggende e realtà (GMO: legends and reality"), Pane e bugie ("Bread and lies"), Bugie nel carrello ("Lies in the shopping trolley"), La scienza della pasticceria ("The science of pastry"), Contro natura ("Against Nature")- co-authored with Beatrice Mautino, Lasceinza della carne ("The science of meat")  and La scienza della verdura ("The science of vegetables"). His YouTube channel has more than 300,000 subscribers.